Don’t say I didnt warn you!

Hola Roaches,

You can’t come back to me and say “Papa why didn’t you tell me about this guy sooner!!”

For those of you that took my advice and signed up for Stock Analyzer “SuperNova” newsletter then you are probably jumping for joy with the recent results.

In the last few weeks I have personally seen three or four stocks that ran for over 800% gains. His alert this morning HRZ shot up 40% in early trading. EGOC a quick scalper handed intr-day players 30%. MCET ran over 32% and how about GACFQ for a mind boggling 700% gain. Simply put this guy is a freak of nature when it comes to finding penny stock winners before they move.

Just add up those gains, it’s OVER 800% worth of gains roaches, who in their right mind gives you those other than Stock Analyzer (ok I do know of one other that has that type of “sixth sense…..yours truly)

A $1,000 investment could have been worth $80,000, but let’s be honest, not even the best of the best hit them perfectly, but even a fraction of that would be over $10,000 in pure money in the bank!

So is $199 every six months worth a potential $10,000 payday every few weeks? You bet your tail it is. I for one and very thankful I got on this list early because there are some rumblings that the price might increase in the near future.

Why don’t you stop what you are doing right now and take a risk, he has a 30 day refund policy if you don’t like those highly profitable picks plus his very thorough educational lessons.

I made it simple for you, just click on the “subscribe” button here, then get signed up and start receiving the alerts today. You can even gain access to all his old alerts and lessons after you sign up by logging in and going to this newsletter archive section.

Need more proof other than what I am yapping about?

Click here and scroll down a bit to see his last 15 freakish trades 12 of which were big winners!

Now get off your lazy tushy and go sign up today. You will thank me by next week probably if this track record continues like it has in the past.

Papa Roach

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