GCEI Is Today’s Green Light Special

Good morning!

Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCEI) isn’t like any of the relatively “mature” companies I’ve been profiling lately.

According to the latest regulatory filing, all there really is an innovative way to turn trash into energy and a plan to rapidly commercialize that dream.

I’ll talk about the potential market impact of GCEI’s technology down below, but the key thing here is that this is not a “slow and steady” play.

When it’s moved, it’s been more like an all-holds-barred surge than a slow burn.

As you can see, there’s not much on the chart yet except a scorching 460% run from a measly 2 cents a share six weeks ago.

MACD, RSI and other technical lines only came in a few days back, and there’s still no 50-day trend or anything longer to offer either resistance or support.

But GCEI makes up for it with volatility in spades!

Average intraday performance here is 17%, counting the rare dips.

In its short lifetime, GCEI has printed TWO separate 140% home runs, which is a lot more than you see in the “mature” $1-plus world.

I can’t tell you GCEI can do anywhere near that well today, but as Yogi Berra would say, nobody won any batting record without hitting that first long ball.

In the long term, GCEI is all about taking dirty coal or even trash and burning it in a proprietary “gasifier” chamber to make green fuel. (Read more)

Coal, lawn trimmings and other garbage go in…high-octane diesel comes out. (Read more)

Theoretically, the process actually leaves the environment cleaner than before. Dumps are reclaimed. Smog-spewing coal power plants stop belching.

GCEI’s founder spent five years perfecting a garage-scale prototype gasifier before he died recently.

Now his heirs are working on a system that’s 15 to 20 times bigger for a town in Quebec. (Read more)

The principle is the same: trash goes in, biodiesel comes out.

Like any good green start-up, GCEI has also started seriously competing for government grants, so there could be some money on this table soon. (Read more)

And get this: GCEI management wants to be a vertically integrated energy producer, so they’re talking about buying an industrial trash hauler! (Read more)

News of the negotiations only hit on Monday, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s baked into GCEI’s share price yet.

All I know is that with volatility already screaming on the GCEI chart, we may not have seen the last of the firecrackers here.



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