Paid Bashers Are as Real as Santa Claus!

TGIF Roacheros!

Today your Senorita is going to tackle the myth of the so called paid basher and for an extra treat I am going to open up a big can of whoop ass on a certain article that has been the pumptard’s bible for a long time now, “Confessions of a paid basher.”

“How much are they paying you to bash this stock?”

Who “They” are? I don’t know.

I hear this one a lot in pinkyland and I am sure that you have as well.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bashers all over every finance forum that you can find but, THEY ARE NOT PAID!

In my experience there are many types of bashers and there is 1 type that all newbie traders need to pay attention to.

The first one is the, “I lost money on this POS and YOU WILL TOO!” basher.
These bashers tend to post everyday, all day, for weeks, months and YEARS. Yes years, on a particular stock’s board.Now I don’t have a PHD in psychology and I am merely a bottom feeding cockroach playing the OTCs looking for the next feast, but I know crazy when I see it. If you are posting on a message board 24/7 and flooding it with “Timber.”, “SCAM!”, “GTFO” for YEARS, you are INSANE! Usually the stock is dead but these tinfoil hat wearers will spend all of their time bashing instead of trading. Don’t pay attention to these nutjobs.

Another type of basher that is common on the pinkshits are the ones that want to get in cheaper or they missed the original run.

 These people are usually flippers that for some reason think that they can move the market with their lame, “POS ALERT!”, “STOCK IS GOING DOWN!”, “ABORT MISSION!” postings. These leeches usually come out during a run. They sold too soon and want their original entry price. When a stock is on an uptrend and it happens to go down a few ticks, you will see these bastards out in full force running around acting like chicken little. These bashers aren’t worth paying any attention to either.

The short sell basher.

These guys shorted a stock at the high because they realize that the stock is overbought and want to cover as low as possible. Yes you can short pinkshit stocks, you just have to know the right brokerage firm. The short sell bashers can range from just giving people a heads up to thinking that they can move the market with their lame bashing attempts as well. You might want to keep on eye on these guys but usually they tend to be ridiculous as well.

The “basher” you want to take fairly seriously.

A lot of experienced penny players and penny gurus such as Papa Roach and myself fit into this category. We shouldn’t even be considered bashers, but that’s what we are labeled so what the hell I’m adding us as well. These bashers are the ones that can smell dilution and lying pinkshit CEOs a mile away. They do their DD, read a company’s financials, look for any signs of a reverse or forward split, take market cap into consideration and can tell when they hype is over. These “bashers” are the ones to keep an eye on because 90% of the time, they know what they are talking about and they are trying to save people money.

Now onto the pumptard bible.

Confessions of a paid basher

This pile of bullshit has been making it’s rounds on every financial message board since the Fall of the year 2000. It was originally started by a trader going by the name of Firebird_1965 on Raging Bulls forum. Firebird claimed to work for a boiler room based in Connecticut called Franklin Andrews Kramer and Edelstein. Look at the first letter of each name. It spells FAKE, and Raging bulls pulled that thread because too many people started taking it seriously. It however took on a life of it’s own and 10 years later people still believe in this hoax.

Listen guys, there is no company in the world that is going to pay anyone to bash their stock. Pinkshits eventually bash themselves by diluting, lying about their financials, lying about buyout offers from shady people, lying about deals, and I can go on and on about how they rip you off.

So if you are a basher or a pumptard that thinks that YOU have the power to move a stock’s PPS, may I suggest some Prozac or get your fellow trader buddy to give you a swift kick in the ass because that should work just as well.

Senorita “the basher” Roachita.




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  1. Thanks Papa. Sorry for some typos and spacing issues. I just really wanted to get this out there.

    I think I will do a whole series on pinkshit myths. Next week I will be ranting about, “Free shares and other pumptardo myths.”

  2. I believe it was this kids story that made people think they could manipulate stocks just by posting on message boards.,-teen-settle-Net-stock-scheme-case/2110-1017_3-933247.html

  3. You guys are probably the most honest ppl out there. Even when the stock doesnt go the way you expected you openly admit it without hesitation. I do follow you guys. keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks imax! We won’t pump and dump on you either like a lot of other newsletters. I won’t name any names but there is 1 that is notorious for doing just that AND they charge subscribers a monthly fee.

    We also do not buy into a stock before any alerts either. Even playing field here.

  5. Great post SR, love the content you have been dropping on day Roach, look forward to your next alert or blog!

  6. Hola Roachita,

    So, what category is China Crescent in? Are they “diluting, lying about their financials,….. lying about deals”.

    Their earnings come out next week. The chart is looking pretty good. What do you thinnk?

    • Hi Makin. You are playing a pinksheet. They are usually NOT an investment unless you got caught in a bad flip.

      Some pinkshits can be an “investment” since they can take a bit to pop. Look up HMIT and UWRL.

      So you want to know about CCTC. Well here is my PERSONAL assesment.

      There was a decent amount of late day selling and I am going to assume that you bought in at the pop around the .11 range or else you wouldn’t give a shit.

      The chart at this point says that there was more sells than buys. I personally do not like the heavy volume on a red day combined with the late day selling pressure.

      I can see a possible pop back into the .12 ranges since there is a gap that needs to be filled on the way up.

      CCTC closed below the pivot point of .088, and your support is at .076 with resistance coming in at .088. VERY tight trading range, so you can either sell for a small loss or hope for a bounce off the support to the .12-.13 ranges.

      Keep in mind that I am going solely on technicals
      I cannot promise you this is what CCTC will do.

      Any news or catalysts can nix the charts temporarily.

      If CCTC breaks .075 on high volumr selling pressure, I would GTFO since you can always play it again.

      Good luck and sign up for the newsletter.

      Have a great weekend.

  7. Editor, thanks boss! I have a whole series coming out about pink crap myths.

    Papa, I have been laughing my ass off on that evil Santa pic. That is how pumpies view anyone that tells the truth about a stock. Their hopes are high but imo it’s better that they take their losses and go for the next runner.

    As I always say, 1 good trade can nix any bad trades.

  8. Dammit, Sorry makin you were asking about CCTR not CCTC.

    Ok here I go again. CCTR closed ABOVE the pivot point of .0164. There was some slight buying earlier in the day in the .015 range but there was a lot os selling pressure in the .017 – .018 ranges.

    The selling pressure was not that strong and you can possibly get out for a 20% profit depending on Monday’s trading action. You might have to hang onto a “shake” on the low .01 ranges but it looks like a decent bottom bouncer but there is a gap to fill at .012.

    The volume has been very low for the past few trading sessions but you appear to be in a good range for a little pop.

    Once again any “good” PR can nix the charts temporarily.

    If I were you I would hope for a pop above the 50 DMA which is around .017. Most likely a couple of ticks higher imo.

    Good luck and let’s see how monday opens for you on that.

  9. Thanks Roachita,

    I’m averaged in at .02. So I’m going to need a bit of a run. I’m hoping with good earnings I might get it.

    Your GRGR didn’t work out today. But I think everybody from the big money to the small money felt like selling today.

    I’ve registered for your newsletter. Keep up the interesting posts.

  10. Senorita,
    Sort of a funny post as I came over here after watching you “bash” GOIG after it peaked and you warned everyone it was going to keep dropping. I shoulda listened to you and gotten out earlier! I think I might have seen Papa over there (yahoo) when he called it as a stock to watch, but when I came here to see what was up I noticed you posting some comments on his picks. Next thing you know, you’re promoted to queen roach.

    I’m new to pennies so your post is both timely and good info.

  11. Hi Frank!

    It’s wonderful to see you here. Do not EVER regret a profit. So you could have sold GOIG for 50 – 100% more than you could have. Big freaking deal. There are so many other poppers out there that you should never look back on “the one that got away”.

    We all get that freaking seller’s remorse crap. As I said inthe comments, I will be doing a series on pinkshits and I will make sure to include, “Sellers remorse.” in there as well.

    If you made money, you won. End of story.

  12. “Yes you can short pinkshit stocks, you just have to know the right brokerage firm.”

    Where can I short penny stocks? I live in the USA


  13. Your totally naive if you think paid bashing doesn’t exist. It’s alive and well, just visit IHUB where they reproduce like bacteria. That site is a paid bashers paradise because you can’t call them out on their agenda. No no, not allowed… must only post about the company or it’s deleted in seconds by the Gestapo admin police who I’m sure get a cut.
    Do you honestly think a paid basher like EarnestDD on IHUB trashes stocks 7×24 52 weeks a year for free? Come on… wake up and smell the trash!

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